Academic Orientation

Academic Orientation(AO) starts on 7 September 2015. At GO, I was at a class called ABN04 and at AO my class is LL01. Half of LL01 is ABN03 and the rest is from ABN04. At AO, we start to studied about algorithm and programming and we learned about Binus curriculum.

In my opinion, algorithm and programming is a quiet difficult subject. You must have a good logic and practice everyday. At the first day, i was having a little difficulties with this subject but thanks to the lecturer who give a great explain and some practice, i was become more accustomed to the subject.

At the last day of AO we had a test. The test is divided into two parts. First is theory test and it was drawing/design a web with a topic that you must choose from some topics. the second is practice test with 5 question about programming like make a series of number, make a square,etc.

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